Academic Partnerships and Public Advocacy

Lecture Tour by Dr. Giao Vu Cong

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Dr. Giao Vu CongGiao Vu Cong

Vice  Director – Institute  of  Public  Policy  and  Law,  Vietnam  National  University,  Hanoi

28  Nov  –  2  Dec  2016

Dr.  Giao  shared  knowledge  about  corruption,  transparency   and  freedom  of  expression  to  students  of  Law  Faculty  from   University  Surabaya,  Airlangga  University  and   Muhammadiyah  University  of  Surabaya.  Dr.  Giao  also  shared   his  knowledge  about  the  relation  between  human  rights,   corruption  and  good  governance  from  international  and   domestic  (Vietnam)  point  of  view.    

Beyond  Lectures,  Dr.  Giao  had  the  opportunity  to  meet  with   staffs  of  Judicial  Commission  of  East  Java  Province   Representatives.

He also met  head  of  Ombudsman  East  Java  Province   Representatives.

As  Vietnam  does  not  have  an  Ombudsman   yet,  Dr.  Giao  had  a  special  interest  in  meeting  with  the   Ombudsman  to  gather  information  to  discuss  the  creation  of   a  similar  body  in  Vietnam.

Dr.  Giao  was  also  able  to  meet  up  with  university   administrators  to  discuss  best  practices  in  building  and   running  a  university,  especially  school/faculty  of  law  and   human  rights  research  institute  within  university.

The  next   step  in  co-­‐operation  is  signing  a  MOU  with  the  University  of   Surabaya,  the  University  of  Airlangga  and  the  University  of   Muhammadiyah  with  Vietnam  National  University  to  further   co-­‐operation.

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