Human Rights in Southeast Asia Outlook 2018

This Outlook is the fourth in a series where Southeast Asian academics and scholars examined the state of human rights in Southeast Asia. The chapters are a combination of hard data as well as the impressions of writers, all of whom are human rights academics or activists in their respective countries. Each book shall be a worthy source of information, but taken as a whole, it is hoped the series will provide an invaluable charting of the human rights journey in this region.

Outlook 2018, features academic analysis on 11 countries in the region. The report tells narratives of increasing counts of human rights violations, backsliding of democratic values and institutions, as well as the emergence of authoritarian regimes in many parts of the region. It highlights the need for solidarity and vigilance amongst academics, human rights workers and the public for those who are most marginalised and pushed at the margins. It is a clear indicator that there is still so much to be done to achieve a rights-embracing, peace-centric, and people-driven Southeast Asia.



Editors: Azmi Sharom and Magdalen Spooner

Topics: Human Rights, Peace, Education