Southeast Asia in Crisis: Opinions on the State of Human Rights and Peace in The Time of Covid-19

This Novel Corona Virus-19 (Covid-19) crisis has turned into a lived experience for all, not just in Southeast Asia, but throughout the world. As of this writing, in our region alone, infected cases had reached thousands, with deaths rising by the day, in almost all countries. Furthermore, Covid-19 challenges, not only our public health systems, policies and practices, but also ways that governments, civil society, and private sectors respond to political, economic and social downturns. This has also affected peace processes and efforts to address conflicts within and amongst marginalised and vulnerable populations.

We are gravely concerned by the suspension of rights and freedoms brought about by lockdowns and quarantines imposed at the moment. This is on top of dismal progress on mass testing, that may help determine actual information on infections and access to effective treatments. Furthermore, based on recent scientific forecast, cases will continue to rise in the coming weeks/months, which may not only exhaust public health workforces and systems, but may also aggravate inequalities, conflicts and human rights violations.

SHAPE-SEA, in its pursuit to increase knowledge on human rights and peace and to promote academic-activism on various relevant issues in the region, has been inviting researchers, scholars, students to write and share original and evidence-based opinion pieces on the impact of Covid-19 on human rights and/or peace at the local, national, and regional levels in Southeast Asia. Our goal is to provide academic, students, researchers a platform to share their voices, reflections, expertise and/or analyses on various themes and realities related to the crisis.

Submissions should be 300 to 700-words long (excluding title, name/affiliation of author/s, and references) and written in English. You may write them individually or as a group. You may send as many opinion pieces as you want.

Kindly send your opinion pieces (MS Word format) to
Our team will be editing/proofreading your work (though, we would gladly welcome any volunteer editors/proofreaders.)
As this is an on-going crisis, submissions, editing, proofreading and uploading will be done on a rolling/regular basis.

04-May-2020‘Malaysian Malaysia’: The Rise of XenophobiaAslam Abd Jalil
08-May-2020The Deadly Second Wave of Covid-19: The Paradox of a Cosmopolitan City-StateSophea Try
04-May-2020Impacts of Covid-19 on LGBTIQ Organizations in the Southeast Asian RegionRyan Silverio
02-May-2020Is Everyone On-Board? Achieving Inclusive Communication in Timor-Leste amid COVID-19Celso da Fonseca
01-May-2020Defending Human Rights in the Time of Covid-19: Collective Action Against State Repression in the PhilippinesSensei M. Adorador
30-Apr-2020Prioritising Social Science and Humanities Education: Lessons for a Post-Covid-19 MalaysiaSharifah Munirah Alatas
29-Apr-2020The Curious Case of Subsided Subsidies: Failed Political Promises in the midst of COVID-19 in Timor-LesteCelso da Fonseca
29-Apr-2020Beating Covid-19 through Social SolidarityWisnu Adihartono
28-Apr-2020Where do We Go from Here? An Unsettling Battle for Filipino Migrants in Cambodia and Vietnam amid Covid-19Eunice Barbara C. Novio
28-Apr-2020‘Humanizing’ Indonesia’s COVID-19 Pandemic ResponseRatu Ayu Asih Kusuma Putri and Pamungkas A. Dewanto
27-Apr-2020Vietnam amid the COVID-19: “Công Lý (Justice) is the name of a comedian”Tania Nguyen
27-Apr-2020The compounded threat of COVID-19 and armed conflict in MindanaoNoraida Abo and Abie Ayao
26-Apr-2020Dormitory Debate: Have migrant workers in Singapore slipped between the cracks?Tashryn Mohd Shahrin
25-Apr-2020Can We All Now Agree That Access to the Internet is a Human Right?Shahrul Mizan Ismail
24-Apr-2020The Miserable State of Ta’ang Peoples of Myanmar in the time of COVID-19Stephen Nyein Han Tun
24-Apr-2020Emergency Declaration for COVID-19 in Timor-Leste: Inefficiency, Reasons, and ResolutionJoanico G. Alves
23-Apr-2020Is the Light Getting Dimmer for Urban Refugees in Thailand in the Time of Covid-19?Bhanubhatra Jittiang
23-Apr-2020COVID-19 in Cambodia: Leadership or Autocracy?Marc Pinol
22-Apr-2020Bayanihan To Heal As One Act: Weaponisation against Covid-19 or the People?Jyrus Cimatu
22-Apr-2020A Growing Stigma: The Danger of Discriminating Against the Rights of Healthcare WorkersMuhammad Diaz Kurniawan
21-Apr-2020Flip Side of the Lockdown in Malaysia: Home May Not be Safe for Women and GirlsSophea Try
21-Apr-2020Reducing the weight on women’s shouldersMark Vincent Aranas
20-Apr-2020Scrutinizing Vietnam’s ASEAN Chairpersonship: Cohesive and Responsive in the Year of Living DangerouslyMaya Dania
20-Apr-2020At the Brink of National Terror: Repressive State Apparatus in Indonesia’s Covid-19 SituationJames Reinaldo Rumpia
19-Apr-2020A Contextual Right to Know: Transparency in the time of Covid-19George Mitchell Guerero
19-Apr-2020Ensuring Food Security for “Invisible Communities” during the Covid-19 pandemicRuthra Mary Ramachandran
18-Apr-2020The Indonesian Covid-19 Case: Rising Deaths and Human Rights ViolationsRamsey Teo and Sayyid Muhammad Jundullah
18-Apr-2020Understanding the Social Dimension of Receiving AidGretchen Abuso
17-Apr-2020Realising Rice and Rights: The Role of Civil Society in Realising the Right to Food in Vietnam during the Covid-19Tania Nguyen
17-Apr-2020Noticing the Unnoticed: Philippine Prisons in the Wake of COVID-19Bea Pielago
16-Apr-2020A Dangerous Message: Problematic Implications of the Military Responses to COVID-19 in the PhilippinesBryan Thomas Santamaria
16-Apr-2020Reflecting Online/Distance Learning in Higher Education under COVID-19: Bitter Lessons from Timor-LesteLi-Li Chen
15-Apr-2020Embracing an Unprecedented “New Normal” for Indonesians Living in the Time of COVID-19Reni Juwitasari
15-Apr-2020Mental Despair and Thinking Politics in the time of COVID-19Fernando Ximenes
14-Apr-2020Inequality in Pandemic: How the Government of Indonesia Puts Marginalized Communities into JeopardyDominique Tuapetel
14-Apr-2020Assessing Malaysian Government's Concern Towards Citizens' Health and Financial Aid in Light of COVID-19Murugan Rajoo
13-Apr-2020Community Quarantine Shows that in the Philippines, Basic Income is the Answer to Every QuestionMiguel Paolo Reyes
13-Apr-2020Information can Save Lives: Assessing public access to ICT in the midst of COVID-19 in Timor-LesteTherese Nguyen Thi Phuong Tam
12-Apr-2020Justice-Oriented Approaches to Pandemic-Related Human Rights Abuses in the PhilippinesRoss Tugade
12-Apr-2020Ungoverned Emotions and Vulnerability in Indonesia: Rejecting Dead Bodies, Moral Paranoia over COVID-19Maya Dania
11-Apr-2020Indonesian Social Care Institutions: Potential Death Chambers in the midst of Covid-19Fadel Basrianto
11-Apr-2020Discrimination and social stigma perturbing frontliners and COVID-19 patients in the PhilippinesGianna Francesca M. Catolico
10-Apr-2020Public Health or Public Order?Paolo Inigo Sevilla
10-Apr-2020Top-down Violence in the Face of a Pandemic: An Argument for a Social Protection FloorJosemaria J. Sebastian
10-Apr-2020Cambodia and its New Wave of the Law on the State of Emergency During the Covid-19Sophea Try
09-Apr-2020Face Covered, Mouth Shut: Unmasking Free Speech During the Philippine COVID-19 CrisisPhilip G. Lizarda
09-Apr-2020Communities at the Frontlines of Beating COVID-19Duoi Ampilan
09-Apr-2020The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on one’s enjoyment of the right to educationMariam Othman
08-Apr-2020Covid-19 pandemic: refugee and state responses in MalaysiaAslam Abd Jalil
08-Apr-2020Justice in the time of Covid-19: Actualizing Pragmatic Solidarity in Global Health ResponsesJustin Francis Bionat
08-Apr-2020Remembering the Forgotten Frontliners in Timor Leste During Covid-19 and BeyondAto Lekinawa Costa
08-Apr-2020Securitization of COVID-19 In Timor-Leste: A Gender PerspectiveChen Li-li
07-Apr-2020Protecting Rights while Protecting lives: Does Human Rights Give Way to a State of Emergency?Anton Miguel A. Sison
07-Apr-2020How Indonesia Dis/informs the Public about COVID-19Primi Suharmadhi Putri
06-Apr-2020Singapore’s Covid-19 Case Study: Personal Networks as Resources of Last ResortNg Xinyao
06-Apr-2020COVID 19 and The Crisis in Communication in the PhilippinesAngelito P. Bautista Jr.
05-Apr-2020Unscientific Approach by Indonesian Government Violates Right to InformationMahesti Hasanah
05-Apr-2020Crisis in the “Mekong Oasis”: The Filipino Dilemma in Lao PDR in the Time of Covid-19Eunice Barbara C. Novio
04-Apr-2020The Portrait of an Indonesian Health Frontliner: Strong Spirit, Vulnerable BodySarah Salsabila
03-Apr-2020COVID-19 in Myanmar: A Ticking Time BombSu Yin Htun
03-Apr-2020How COVID-19 might disproportionately affect the LGBTIQ community in ASEANCornelius Hanung
02-Apr-2020COVID-19 Cast its imprints on India from Southeast AsiaSyed Ali Mujtaba
02-Apr-2020COVID-19 and the Right to Freedom of Religion and BeliefEugene Yapp
01-Apr-2020Uncertainty of Migrant Workers Behind Emergency Lockdown in ThailandSophea Try
31-Mar-2020COVID 19 as Global Minsinfodemic: A Test for Southeast Asia CountriesBudi Rahmawan
31-Mar-2020Filipino Migrants Facing Uncertain Future in the midst of COVID-19Eunice Barbara C. Novio
31-Mar-2020Dealing with a Present-Day Pandemic Psycho-social impacts of COVID-19 on the Filipino peopleLorena L. Sabino
29-Mar-2020The Daunting Arrival of Covid-19 in Myanmar and A Worrisome Future for A High-Risk NationMay Thida Aung
29-Mar-2020Indonesia, Making Sense of CoronavirusYulida Nuraini Santoso
28-Mar-2020Covid-19-Induced Discrimination is making Our Pandemic Experience much WorseSelma Theofany
28-Mar-2020From ‘very important politicians’ to ‘very insinuating patients’Gianna Francesca M. Catolico
27-Mar-2020States Obligations to Impose Emergency Measures during the COVID-19 CrisisPardis Moslemzadeh Tehrani
26-Mar-2020The Migrant Worker Dilemma: Insecurity during QuarantinePontip Vidyavrapat
26-Mar-2020Indonesia’s Lack of COVID-19 Preparedness and its Human Rights ImpactDominique Tuapetel
26-Mar-2020The Impact of COVID-19 on Cambodia’s GTF workersJoana Cassinerio
26-Mar-2020Remembering the Undocumented of Sabah in a Panicked MalaysiaDr. Vila Somiah, Michelle R Usman and Anne Baltazar
01-May-2020Hitting Rock Bottom During Covid-19:The Struggles of Young People in the Malaysian Work ForceRuthra Mary Ramachandran
03-May-2020A Paradigm Shift in Learning: Shaping Students for the New NormalMuhammad Asfani
05-May-2020Land of Smiles?: A brief assessment of the effects of Covid-19 on the life of a motorbike taxi driver in Salaya, Nakhon Pathom, ThailandJoana M. Cassinerio

Engendering a Culture of Prevention in a Post-COVID-19 World: Environmental Protection in the ASEAN Region

Tobit P. Abao
09-May-2020COVID-19: New Geopolitical Order in the MakingTruston Yu
11-May-2020Lack of disaggregated data a glaring gap in Southeast Asia’s COVID-19 responseSam Cartmell
12-May-2020COVID-19: Power Dynamics and the Brewing New NormalTruston Yu
13-May-2020An Analysis of Social Assistance in Malaysia During Covid-19Rashid Ating
14-May-2020Communication: The Key to Effective Control of COVID-19 in Brunei DarussalamDayangku Nurafiqah Fikriyah Binti Pengiran Muhammad Rafee
16-May-2020Drought in Mekong Delta of Vietnam: A Greater Threat than Covid-19Tania Nguyen
17-May-2020Suspending The Dream of Greener Pastures: The Effect of Covid-19 on the Indonesian Technical Intern Trainee Program in JapanYusy Widarahesty
19-May-2020Impacts of Covid-19 on the Quality of Children’s Nutrition in IndonesiaReni Juwitasari
20-May-2020Academic Freedom and the Responsibility of the University amidst COVID 19 PandemicRebecca Tan
21-May-2020Gagging Dissidents Amid COVID-19: The [Un]Democratic Décor in Failing DemocraciesA K M Zakir Hossain
24-May-2020Making the Social Movement Personal during the Covid-19 PandemicKhriscielle Yalao
26-May-2020Prematurely Entering the New Normal in Indonesia: Widening Social, Economic and Political Gaps during COVID-19 and BeyondDominique Virgil
27-May-2020Long and Winding Misery of the Marginalized: Social Exclusion in the Philippines amid COVID-19Kristine Mari T. Miranda
28-May-2020Right to Life, Liberty, and Security under Double Woes in Myanmar: Coronavirus and TatmadawSaw Lin Htet
29-May-2020Interrogating the Level of Freedom of Expression and Access to Information in Timor-Leste in the Time of Covid-19Joanico Alves
01-Jun-2020The Unfortunate Case of Sacrificial Lambs: Indonesia’s New Normal and its Severe Impact on Healthcare WorkersArif R. Haryono
02-Jun-2020COVID-19 crisis in the Javanese Sultanate: When and How can Yogyakarta fully recover?Joanda Kevin Yoga Aditama
04-Jun-2020Double trouble in South China Sea amid COVID-19 Crisis: an ASEAN consensus and a new regional security architecture needed to thwart future Chinese maritime ambitionTania Nguyen
09-Jun-2020What Indonesia Could Learn from Thailand during the COVID-19 Crisis: An Untold Success StoryMuhammad Maulana Iberahim
16-Jun-2020Problematizing the Securitization of Covid-19 in Southeast Asia: A Necessary Step Towards an Inclusive, Rights-Centred NormalJoel Mark Baysa-Barredo
17-Jun-2020Threats to the Constitutional Right to Freedom of Expression in the Time of COVID-19Robert Jhon Salazar
22-Jun-2020Postponing the Regional elections amid COVID-19: Is Indonesia’s democracy in trouble?Muhammad Ammar Hidayahtulloh
23-Jun-2020Distancing in the Workplace: Will the “New Normal” Guidelines Actually Work in Indonesia?Tareq Muhammad Aziz Elven and Alifa Salsabila
24-Jun-2020The Indonesian Tragedy: The Politics of Stigma and Marginalization of COVID-19Arif R. Haryono
25-Jun-2020Exposing the Seemingly-Benevolent Policy on the Assimilation and Integration Detainee Program for the West Papua Political Activists amidst the PandemicArif R. Haryono
29-Jun-2020The Compounded Struggle to Enjoy Customary Land Tenure Rights and Livelihood Security Amid COVID-19 in Shan State, MyanmarStephen Nyein Han Tun
30-Jun-2020Challenges to Learning and Teaching in Malaysia in the Time of Covid-19Rashid Ating
02-Jul-2020What Indonesia and India Share in Common: The Failure of LockdownNanda Blestri Jasuma
06-Jul-2020Gagging Timor Leste: Threatening Freedom of Expression in the time of Covid-19Dulce M. da Silva and Celso da Fonseca
07-Jul-2020Dangerously Lost in Translation: Fighting an Infodemic amid Covid-19 in MyanmarSaw Lin Htet
08-Jul-2020The Inevitable Spike: Placing Low-Income Earners at High Risk of Covid-19 in IndonesiaJoanda Kevin Yoga Aditama
13-Jul-2020Cul-de-sac: Spare the Economy or Save People’s Lives?Arif R. Haryono
15-Jul-2020Women at work deserve better from governments and businessesGolda Benjamin and Kalayaan Constantino
17-Jul-2020U.S Foreign Aid Giving to the Philippines in the time of PandemicManoj Kumar Panigrahi
20-Jul-2020Singapore’s Covid-19 elections: Yay or NayTashryn Mohd Shahrin
22-Jul-2020Locating the Rights of the Rohingya Amid Covid-19Saw Lin Htet
24-Jul-2020Reflecting on the Situation of Indigenous Women of Dayak Benawan in IndonesiaNikodemus Niko
27-Jul-2020US-China rivalry and Southeast Asia amid Covid-19: will human rights suffer? Khoo Ying Hooi
31-Jul-2020International humanitarian norms and health care obligations of non-state armed groups: Ethnic armed organisations in Myanmar during the Covid-19 pandemicStan Jagger
03-Aug-2020Assessing the Social and Economic Rights of Cambodian Women Garment Workers amid Covid-19Sophorn TUY
05-Aug-2020Concealing Data During the Pandemic: A Human Security Threat in IndonesiaMuhammad Faiz Krisnadi
10-Aug-2020Problematizing the ‘R’ in Virus: ‘Racism’ in the time of Covid-19Suthida Chang
20-Aug-2020Enough is Enough: Saving Thailand from a Democratic Crisis amid Covid-19Punnawit (Sharp) Tantirapan
21-Aug-2020A Critical Security Analysis of Indonesia’s COVID-19 Responses: Is the State A Security Provider or Threat?Rafyoga Jehan Pratama Irsadanar
24-Aug-2020Connecting the dots: How Bangko Sentral’s new sustainable finance framework can benefit farmers and businesses post-COVIDGenalyn Aquino and Amanda Lingao
31-Aug-2020COVID-19 and Southeast Asian Policy Responses: Rethinking the ‘Human Side’ of the PandemicGuanie Lim and Chan-Yuan Wong
07-Sep-2020Giving Birth amid COVID-19: The Predicament of Pregnant women in MyanmarSaw Lin Htet
11-Sep-2020Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) and “Panic-exodus” in MalaysiaWu-Ling Chong
14-Sep-2020A Reflection on Striking the Balance between Rights and Duties in the Wake of Covid-19Zainab Nasir
16-Sep-2020The Intensification of Thailand’s Biopower Towards Migrant WorkersMa. Josephine Therese Emily G. Teves
21-Sep-2020COVID-19 exacerbates Vietnamese migrant workers’ plight in ASEANDinh Duc Nguyen
22-Sep-2020Explaining the rise of hate speech aimed at Rohingya Refugees in MalaysiaKevin Fernandez
23-Sep-2020Mekong Migrant Workers in Thailand: Pursuit of Rights-based Approach in Addressing COVID-19 ImpactsMa. Josephine Therese Emily G. Teves
28-Sep-2020Low Connectivity amid Conflict and COVID-19: A Deadly Concoction in Rakhine StateNyein Nyein Thant Aung
28-Sep-2020The most affected people and communities at the heart and start of the Covid-19 crisis responsePatricia Miranda
29-Sep-2020COVID-19 and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the PhilippinesJean Linis-Dinco
29-Sep-2020Cambodia Needs to End its State Repression and “Double Standard” NarrativeKimkong Heng
30-Sep-2020Will the pandemic motivate the Vietnamese government to become more transparent?Dinh Duc Nguyen
30-Sep-2020The militarized COVID-19: An opportunity or a threat to democracy and human rights?Chen, Li Li
07-Oct-2020Strengthening the Law on Protection of the Marginalized amid COVID-19Nukila Evanty
09-Oct-2020Filipino youth volunteerism in the time of Covid-19Kenneth Jim Joseph M. Jimeno
12-Oct-2020How the Social Protection Programme could potentially Exacerbate Inequalities in Timor-Leste Amid Covid-19Therese Nguyen Thi Phuong Tam
16-Oct-2020Inclusive Education amid Covid-19 in CambodiaNeak Piseth
16-Oct-2020COVID-19 is Driving Violent Extremist Dynamics in Southeast Asia With Distinct Gendered ImpactsUN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
19-Oct-2020Brewing Violence and Irreversible Vulnerabilities as Indonesia Passes the Omnibus Law amid Covid-19Selma Theofany
04-Nov-2020When a House is no Longer Home: Shedding Light on Domestic Violence amid Covid-19Lengga Pradipta
06-Nov-2020Myanmar’s Upcoming Election amid Covid-19: A Question of Inclusivity, Justice, and EqualityZaw Win
09-Nov-2020Saviour or Stigmatized? A Malaysia Perspective on COVID-19 FrontlinersRashid Ating
20-Nov-2020Thailand’s Community Pantries: Cooking up a future for the Thai Civil Society?Suthida Chang
16-Dec-2020Dangers of Resiliency: The Exploitation of Volunteerism under the Guise of Civic EngagementAngelyn Turiano
18-Dec-2020Rethinking the Crisis of Liberal Capitalism After COVID-19 Pandemic: From the Perspective of Public Healthcare SystemYunkang Liu
10-Feb-2021A Deadlier Pandemic: The Erosion of Human Rights and Democratization in Burma/MyanmarNeak Piseth
23-Mar-2021The Continuing Struggle for Justice and Accountability: Mirrors from the Marcos RegimeAngelyn E. Turiano